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Start an Equipment Buying Cooperative for Your Little League Team

Sports Equipment
Every little league team player needs access to quality sports equipment in order to succeed in their demanding positions. Establishing an equipment buying cooperative for your little league team can provide a variety of benefits that will help ensure that everyone on your team gets the equipment they need. Here are just a few reasons to create a buyer's cooperative.

Save Some Money

An excellent reason to start a buying cooperative for your little league team is to help the team management and every parent save some money throughout the year. With equipment and uniform costs, league fees, and buying photos to worry about, parents can start to feel squeezed by the end of the season.
But if parents can get together and buy needed equipment in bulk, they can keep some of their hard earned money in their pocket without sacrificing their children's sports equipment needs and wants.

Keep Your Uniforms Fresh

Uniforms may not make or break your team's performance, but they can attract or repel both players and spectators as time goes on. If your team's uniforms are old and out-of-date, you might find it tough to compete against other teams when it comes to recruiting new players.
Out-of-date uniforms might also make sponsors think twice before funding your team. Starting a buying cooperative for your little league team will give you and parents the opportunity to keep your uniform design fresh because you'll be able to buy new uniforms often thanks to the ability to buy in bulk.
Instead of having each parent buy one uniform for the season, buying in bulk can make it possible to spend about the same amount of money on two uniforms. Your team can then switch up their uniforms throughout the season so they can establish exclusivity and are sure to always look fresh on the field. This will give you an opportunity to sell more sponsor spots on the uniforms too.

Get Parents More Involved

Establishing a buyer's cooperative for your little league team is also a great way to increase parent involvement, which is crucial for your team's overall success in the long run. If parents are engaged, they'll be more likely to volunteer for important jobs that you couldn't get done yourself as the team manager.
If parents feel like they have a say in the types of equipment that is purchased for the team through a cooperative, you may find that they're more willing to do things such as:
  • Keep score at games
  • Bring snacks for the kids
  • Help set up before practices and games and help clean up afterward
  • Raise funds for the team throughout the year
  • Recruit sponsorships
  • Organize and manage team photo sessions
Increased positive parent involvement can also help ensure that each of your players succeeds throughout the little league season.

Invest in Better Equipment

Because everyone will be saving money when buying in bulk through your little league team's cooperative, each parent may have the opportunity to buy better equipment than if they were to purchase each piece in a store themselves.
Instead of purchasing generic brands, they might be able to afford the latest and greatest brands like Nike and Adidas. As opposed to settling for a basic metal bat, they may be able to invest in a quality wooden bat instead. A buying cooperative can give parents the leverage they need to outfit their kids in quality gear that will make a positive impact on-field performance.
Contact us today to learn more about the quality uniforms and equipment your buyer's cooperative can expect to take advantage of throughout the year.